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"I enjoyed reading the reviewer's feedback on my project. It makes it exist, somehow." -AR

The 21st century gives us so many ways to communicate—maybe sometimes too many ways, with new apps, updates, hardware, and software to learn every day. What’s the enduring attraction to books? Well for one, it’s a technology people of all ages and from all walks of life how to use. It doesn’t require a power source for us to access, and…it feels good in our hands.  

If, like many, you’ve always wanted to author a book of words or pictures, how do you know when to get serious about it? 

#1: Do you consider the series, text, project, event or experience complete? 

#2: Are you proud of what you’ve created, or how you’ve documented an experience? 

#3: Is it dependent on sound or motion (in which case a video or film might be best)? 

 If your answers were Yes, Yes, No..... then perhaps you’re ready to take a next step. 

 Book Pitch asks people to address the same basic considerations publishers use to evaluate potential audience for a book; and provides feedback to: A) self-produce; B) approach a publisher and how; and C) do more work on the project, and why.


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