Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Proposal To Publish / BookPitch (PTP) is a consulting service offering professional feedback on book ideas, and a suggested action plan that may involve referrals to other individuals or companies. Our recommendations are based on an evaluation of material provided and are informed by decades of experience in the publishing industry. Our consultation fees are non-refundable.

PTP is not liable to parties who do not complete submissions within the 30-day window, nor to parties who partially complete submissions. Evaluations will be made in good faith based on material provided.

We are not affiliated with any of the publishers or print on demand websites listed, and cannot be held responsible for the products or services they provide. Time and cost estimates are suggestions and in no way constitute binding agreements with PTP or with the individuals or institutions recommended.

PTP cannot be held liable nor credited for the success or failure of any project submitted.

By submitting your information you agree to PTP, PTP affiliates, and third-party publishers accessing your contact information and submission for purposes of evaluation, and possible publication. Submitted proposals are the intellectual property of their authors; authors grant PTP a nonexclusive license to promote their concepts to publishers who may contract with authors on projects, and act in good faith to protect both the authors and publishers. PTP is an affiliate program of Minor Matters Books and cannot be held responsible for the publication of projects related or similar to projects proposed through PTP.

In the event of force majeure PTP has an extension of up to 90 days to respond; if client has submitted and PTP has not initiated a response within 90 days client is entitled to pursue a full refund of fees and any applicable taxes paid. 


Privacy Notice

Your contact information is used to communicate with you, and may be shared with third parties to evaluate and / or approach you to publish your proposal. PTP retains your email but does not store any of your financial information.