Why Submit Here?

"Thanks for the report—sobering but realistic, and yes, I’d love to talk about self-publishing houses that are best attuned to photography books…this does seem like the smartest path for me." -TC


Options exist to realize your book dream—it might be through a traditional publisher, and it might not. Our goal is to provide affirmation, and a plan of action. There are two major benefits to using BookPitch: 


Get a timely, expert response

Sure, you can follow open submission policies for many publishers—in the business this is known as the “slush pile”—and your project might get reviewed by an intern or junior editorial assistant. You might get a book deal. You might also win the lottery.  At Book Pitch, your submission is being reviewed by seasoned publishing professionals who provide a specific recommendation for you, and share why.  


Move from dream to reality

Our feedback includes practical next steps to keep you moving forward, including estimated time and expenses to consider, and other resources to support your progress.  


Opportunities to produce one, ten, or 100 copies of a hardcover or paperback book in many sizes exist today thanks to advancements in printing technologies. You don’t have to wait two years, or paper every public event you attend with information about your project. We’ll give you clear, concise action items, and suggestions of who can help. 


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